ღ 1000% ℓσνє! ღ
an egocenтrιc, ѕтylιѕн perѕon.
нe ιѕ lιттle, тнoυgн вraver тнan anyone elѕe.

M!A: None
Relationship status: In a relationship with Shinomiya Natsuki

Independent Kurusu Syo RP account. I'm new to the UtaPri fandom and UtaPri itself; so please be kind if I don't know something...! Please read all pages before RPing; thank you! (Also, the 'The Solidarity' page is Snapped!Syo. I kind of love snapped!characters so u v u)Violin

My little closeknit group of tumblr friends;

ie, Kurosaki-Senpai, MaigonoKokoro, Jacqui, Kenni, Mandi, Daisy, Kuro, Rin, Lin/Mommy, Puraido, and Sparkle…

I imagine us all like

In a college dorm room one day

Being that weird group in the corner with all their laptops, all the junkfood, and yet the only ’ clique ’ having fun while wearing goofy pajama pants and tank tops.


Maybe the little bit of optimist in me is showing.

Also: Edited; added Puraido, Daisy, and Jacqui since I am exhausted and not ready to sleep yet and forgot on accident.